About IFES

"Do the right thing"

Founded in 1977, IFES is the New England leader in the commercial food equipment repair business. As a factory authorized service and parts distributor for over fifty manufacturers, we offer the most comprehensive services and the largest inventory in the New England area.

"Do the right thing" - IFES is founded on the principles of honor and integrity. We strive to provide excellent service to our customers, our employees, and the manufacturers and dealers that we represent. Our success in business is a direct result of our adherence to these principles.

- For our customers, we provide the fastest service, the highest first-call fix rate and the greatest overall satisfaction.

- For our employees, we provide the most competitive salaries, the most comprehensive benefits, and the most professional work environment.

- For the manufacturers and dealers we represent, we provide a cooperative working relationship, high levels of inventory, and the most responsive warranty service.

The service industry will always be changing, always evolving. Technology will advance, eating habits will change, and industries will be bought and sold. IFES will remain at the forefront of the industry by continuing to evolve with it. However, no matter how many cycles of growth and evolution we experience, the core principles of IFES will remain. IFES will always "Do the right thing".

Founder and President,

Sam Moy